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Experience the Honda Commitment to Your Safety

For years, drivers have associated Honda with reliability and value over the long term, ensuring both your vehicle and its occupants say safe against whatever unknown dangers the road may bring. That's where Honda Sensing comes in. Offered on models ranging from the Civic to the three-row Pilot, they bundle useful technologies ranging from forms of automatic emergency braking to a camera that watches your blind spot.


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What is Honda Sensing?

Readily available on most of the vehicles we sell, Honda Sensing systems can be categorized into active and passive safety features. The active technologies consist of hardware that continuously scans the road for obstacles and reacts as needed through alerts or intervention. Passive features, on the other hand, are designed into the body of the car itself as the final line of defense in a collision with the aim of keeping its passengers protected.

Discover Driver-Assist Technology and Safety Features

  • Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) This system takes the hassle out of your standard cruise control by adding an autonomous element. By setting a distance between you and the vehicle ahead, the car will automatically accelerate and brake as needed. Select models with Low-Speed Follow can also accomplish this in stop-and-go traffic.
  • Lane Keep Assist/Warning (LKAS/LDW) Bundled in most models, these two systems work to keep you in your lane. LDW will use audio and visual chimes to alert you to leaving your lane, while LKAS will automatically adjust the car back into a lane if it seems it looks as though you may depart it without signaling.
  • Road Departure Mitigation (RDM) Similar to the lane keeping technologies, this system performs similar functions if it appears you might leave the road without signaling. It alerts using steering wheel vibrations, and can use braking to intervene as needed.
  • Collision Mitigation Braking/Forward Collision Warning (CMBS/FCW) These two systems also work in conjunction to prevent collisions. CMBS will brake automatically if it detects a potentially unavoidable collision, while the FCW uses a camera to keep an eye on any vehicles ahead. Alerts will warn if you get too close, or it senses a collision may occur, while CMBS can intervene as needed.
But those aren't the only active elements you'll find with Honda Sensing. Select vehicles can also feature Cross Traffic Monitor which watches for cars approaching when backing out of a spot; LaneWatch which has a camera integrated into the right mirror; and Blind Spot Information which detects cars in your blind spot when activated.

Learn More About the Honda Sensing Lineup

Interested in learning more about how the Honda Sensing system compares to top competitors? Please feel free to visit our new Honda lineup to learn more. While comparing Honda to rival automakers with similar systems, you may find they're only available on costly higher trims. Not only will you find safety without higher premiums featuring Honda Sensing technology, our lineup also benefits from the rigid ACE body structure, numerous air bags, and our preferred automaker's long-lasting commitment to your security. 

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Please feel free to contact our showroom in Fort Myers, FL if you would like to test drive one of our Honda cars, vans or SUVs. Our Honda of Fort Myers dealership will be happy to discuss the benefits of driving a vehicle with Honda Sensing technology and help you pick out your next new Honda.


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